Natural Stone Suppliers & Specialists

CED Stone offers expert advice and technical assistance for all your natural stone needs.  Whether it’s for public, private, trafficked or pedestrian use, our team of experts will help your vision come to fruition.

We offer inspiration and ideas to achieve a long-lasting result by providing products to Quebec and Ontario – as well as the rest of Canada and North America.

Regardless of the stone requirements for your landscaping or construction project, CED are able to identify the ideal solution, specializing in the following:

CED is a proud member of the Ethical Trading Initiative and we have strict ethical policies in place, so you can be assured that our natural stone products have been responsibly and fairly sourced from reputable suppliers.

Likewise, we are committed to offering a fair price to our customers too. We ensure unique and exceptional stones, pebbles and boulders are available for every type of project and at the most competitive prices.

To find out more about what stone we can offer for commercial projects or how our specialist team can help you, please contact us today.